Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is the popular beachside of Dubai generally meaning the New Dubai areas of the city. Although the Jumeirah beach is long it has some areas which are extremely popular for everyone.

In fact, Jumeirah Beach is the one and only beach in Dubai. Although there are several seaside areas of the city, it is the Jumeirah beach, which is available for people to have a good swim. Of course, things are never as easy as they may seem. The beachside is either a beachside park or a private beach of a hotel, or a so-called public beach. There are two public beaches in Dubai. It means that although you can reach the beach otherwise and at other parts, you will find nothing, no trees, no umbrellas or sunbeds, absolutely nothing, which may leave you vulnerable to bathe there alone. This will make you stick with the seaside parks too, such as the Jumeirah Beach Park, or the Al Mamzar Beach Park that is located on the brand new reconstructed part of Deira, by an artificial bayside, which makes the whole beach look more beautiful. Am Mamzar Beach Park is right at the border of the city of Sharjah which means that it often receives visitors from both cities.

Returning to Jumeirah beach in real the beach starts from the Dubai Maritime City, which is almost the Old Town part of Dubai. And as every seaside city in the world, Jumeirah Beach has its lows and peaks in quality and outlook. One of the most popular parts of Jumeirah beach is arguably the small beachside which lies in-between the Souk Madinat and the huge Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Here, there is the Wild Wadi water park and a beautiful steady view of the vessel-shaped Burj Al Arab luxury hotel. Therefore, by this all, you can imagine how trendy this part of Jumeirah Beach has become. The second trendiest part of Jumeirah Beach comes right after the Palace (which may be the residence of the Sheikh of Dubai) and we get to see the landside of the eccentric Palm Jumeirah Island, with lots of hotels at its feet. Then comes the long private beach of Dubai Marina where you can find some of the top quality resorts of Dubai. This part of Jumeirah Beach has made a world record with the highest number of beachside skyscrapers. Although the Dubai Marina has been made to double the quantity of water in its area with a huge artificial bay in-between the houses, this is not for swimming but for boats.

Jumeirah Beach ends when it reaches Jebel Ali, which long time ago counted as only a closely lying village. Today, it is an official outer district of Dubai with the largest industrial port in the world and some pretty beachsides which had been monopolized by the huge Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa which is widely called the best resort of Dubai.