Dubai Desert

Dubai desert is not only surrounding Dubai; it is also hosting several great programs, which makes it valuable for everyone. Dubai desert is also one of the most beautiful desert of the Middle East, thank to the distinctively beautiful color of sand here and to the beautiful sand dunes that offer a great chance for tourists to take photos or to use them for other sportier activities.

Dubai is a desert city, which means that although the thousands of buildings keep pushing the desert outside of the city; Dubai is surrounded by the huge desert that is part of the locals’ lifestyle as such. The Dubai desert is used as an attraction and as a place ideal for holding sports events such as camel races and dune bashing with 4×4 SUVs. It is especially the camel races that are worth seeing and they are held almost every day. Camel racing as the favorite sport of the Sheikh of Dubai is very respected and held as the national sport of Dubai.

The Dubai desert is also great for holding events for tourists. There are several sorts of Dubai desert Safaris organized by hundreds of travel agents. These tours can last a couple of hours and there are also overnight tours which include a folklore Bedouin dinner with Bedouin dancers, music, or belly dancers. For this program, the Bedouin tents are set and tourists will have a cozy night in one of them. The overnight Desert safaris are great and they are highly suggested for everyone with the exception of families with pregnant wives, babies, or toddlers because of the hard drive in the desert.

These are some new types of desert-connected activities as well, such as dune surfing which needs a specific type of board, which is the best to use for riding on the sand. There are specific tours of such, teaching tourists how to do dune surfing. Another great program involving the Dubai desert is the Hot Air Balloon Flight that starts from the desert early in the morning and shows you the beauty of the sand and the beauty of the nearby lying Dubai’s panoramic view.

Upon visiting the Wadis or Oases the merchants of old times had to walk through the hot Dubai desert on their way to Saudi Arabia and also Dubai served as a transit city for all the pilgrims arriving from the Southern lying states on their pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest place on Earth for Muslim people. Dubai has a special program, which includes visiting the most well-known Wadis within the Dubai desert, and during this tour, you can get to know a lot about the old days of Dubai and the history of the United Arab Emirates too.

The Dubai desert although it is wholly infertile soil serves Dubai in many ways. The sand of the desert is used for building houses or serves as a base for building roads and it gives Dubai a great touristic value. When in Dubai, do not miss seeing the Dubai desert.